Why there was an outage for my site recently

Why there was an outage for my site recently

So initially I was running this site in an EC2 instance which costed around 1200Rs. Then I learnt about serverless deployments and made my site serverless about which you can read here.

So after going serverless, I was receiving a monthly bill of 2400Rs which was fine since I could brag about my site being infinitely scalable.

But this month (August-2020) I was looking at my billing console and got a bill of 2200Rs by august 9th. This was alarming. The issue was the google search console was sending more and more requests to my site.

This woke up my Aurora serverless RDS from suspended mode to 1 ACU, and Aurora serverless is costly.

So I switched off the ECS from 22:00 to 10:00 using a lambda function but even then I was paying for the load balancer.

So now I have changed it back to an t3a.micro instance which costs me 400Rs per month.

This is why there was an outage.